Thursday, July 12, 2012


It's been awhile.

A little over a year, to be exact.


I'm not sure.

I've been thinking a lot about this though and have some ideas about what to write.

We'll see...

 Gotta get back in the groove.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Too Tan?

As you all know, I love the pool.

The weather has finally straightened up and we've had a few nice days in a row.

The problem?

I think I may be too tan.

You know when you see people and they have that ugly, too tan look?

I'm almost there. Last night, I was really too dark and thinking that a few days off from the sun would probably be good for me.

Today, it has faded some and the sun is shining again...

Hmm...maybe it's a pool day after all?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

End of an Era

Since 1998, I have had a child attend the local Elementary School.

B and C1 have since moved on to higher grades and this year was C2's last year there.

On the last day, the Fourth Graders walk the halls for the last time.

It's was an emotional time for me with the other two, but this one was even more so.

I have worked at the school during C2's whole Elementary School years. We went to school every day together, and came home together. It was a good feeling to know that I was in the building with him, and I think he kind of felt the same.

I told myself that I would not cry, but in truth, I did tear up...

It was sad to see them come down the hall as Fourth Graders for the last time.

C2 and his friend L have been together since First Grade. They have become pretty good friends and I hope it continues into Middle School.

Here we are!

The last time I will be at school with one of my kids...

As you can tell, C2 felt as bad as I did.

Not really.

How embarrassing to get your picture taken with your mom!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cast On, Cast Off

One night last month, I was on my way to get a haircut and C1 calls me.

"I fell in Gym class" she said. "I hurt my hand. The nurse thinks I need to get it checked out."

I tell her I'll look at it when I get home...

It was swollen and her palm was bruised. She said it hurt, but wouldn't say how bad. She had full function of it. I told her we would see how it was the next day and that satisfied her. She even went to dance class that night.

The next day, after school it was still swollen and a little more bruised.

Time to get it checked out.

At the hospital, the nurse asked her what her pain level was.

She said a seven.

I knew right then that she had my pain tolerance. A seven!?! And she had not complained once!

After the x-rays, they knew it was broke. She had broke the fifth meta-carpal.

Perfect timing for this to happen...the next couple weeks were full of activities for her!

The day after receiving her cast, she marched at Cedar Point. Not playing her flute obviously, but carrying the banner.

That Sunday, she was confirmed at church.

And of course, she had her Dance Recital...

After dancing Friday night and one dance on Saturday, they caught her with her cast uncovered and covered it for her. She was NOT happy!

After four weeks, the cast could come off!

She now had a funny tan line!

How did she do this?

As you may know, C1 is a runner. She runs distance in Track and Cross Country.

They were running laps in Phys. Ed. and she tripped over a safety cone!

I guess that's why they don't put cones on the track, fields and woods where she usually runs.

Too many things can happen...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Empty Nest

Early in the spring we were excited to watch a robin build a nest in the window sill of our utility room. She built her nest and within a day, she had laid three eggs. We Googled how long they had to incubate and found out it takes two weeks.

Almost to the day, we had this:

Immediately, they wanted to eat...

Within two days, we had three new additions to our family.

I kept the camera right there by the window, and mama was not too thrilled with me at times.

Within five days, they really started to change and began to look like pre-historic creatures as their feathers started to come in.

At eight days they were pretty well covered with feathers and wanted to eat all.the.time. At this point, that is all the mama did; she searched for food and fed her babies.

There really wasn't room for her in the nest anymore.

On day fourteen, I looked out and saw this...

One baby sitting on the edge.

The others were gone.

I went out to take pictures and he jumped to the ground.

Mama was in the tree "yelling" at me, so I went back inside and let him hop around the yard.

I hope they all survived...

We will leave the nest in the window sill to see if she returns next year.

I hope...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I happened to remember this picture today...

It's always been one of my favorites.

B was just 2 years old and had fallen asleep holding this balloon.

What a gift!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cocoa Beach

For this year's Girls Trip, we headed to Cocoa Beach, Fl.

We all agreed that we needed to go farther south and enjoy some time in the sand and sun.

And enjoy it, we did!

After we all landed in Orlando (with a few surprises for each other) we drove the short distance to Cocoa Beach. We were a couple of hours early of our check in time, so we parked and went to the beach to sit. After the seemingly never ending winter we have had, to sit in the hot sand, was like heaven! We chatted and let the sun warm us. Just to have my feet in the sand...indescribable.

We finally checked in, unloaded, and went to the beach again. This time, properly dressed to enjoy the water too.

Our condo was right on the beach, so every morning we got up early to enjoy the sunrise and coffee on the balcony...

Friday was spent at the beach.

We rented chairs and an umbrella, packed a cooler and spent the most part of the day there.

After being there half an hour, I was asleep. I'm sorry girls, but that's what I do. Let the sun warm my skin (which is with the sound of the ocean, and I'm OUT! I didn't sleep long, but did wake up to being alone. They had all gone in the water and left me there drooling!

Saturday was marked as shopping/sight seeing day.

We found a "Hidden Treasure". It was a manatee park, and we quickly found out why it was hidden...

We did manage to see one manatee, so we all left somewhat satisfied.

While driving, we passed several cruise ships.

I've always dreamed of taking the kids on a Disney Cruise...

This is the closest I'll probably get...

Saturday night being our last night together, we took the annual "dinner shots".

Once again this trip was filled with laughs, talking and memories. New memories made and old memories revisited.

These girls are truly my "Friends for Life"!